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Psalm 119.129 Your testimonies I observe
for they are wondrous in my eyes.
130 The op’ning of Your word gives light,
and makes the simplehearted wise.
131 I open wide my mouth and pant
for all commandments you proclaim.
132 O turn to me! Deal graciously
as to all those who love Your name.

133 My steps establish in Your word
and let no sin o’er me have sway.
134 Redeem me from the power of man,
and I Your precepts will obey.
135 Your face make on Your servant shine;
teach me Your statutes, for I weep;
136 The tears in streams flow from my eyes,
because Your law they do not keep.

137 You ever righteous are, O LORD;
and all Your judgments upright stand.
138 Your righteous testimonies all
You do in faithfulness command.
139 By zeal I am consumed, because
Your words my adversaries spurn.
140 Your promise is so very pure.
Toward it Your servant loves to turn.

141 Though I am small and much despised,
Your precepts I do not forget
142 Eternal is Your righteousness;
Your law in truth is firmly set,
143 distress and anguish have me found,
yet joy by Your commands You give.
144 Your testimonies righteous are;
O make me wise that I may live.

145 My heart cries out! LORD, answer me!
And I Your statutes will obey.
146 O save me, for I’ve called to You;
Your testimonies I’ll display.
147 I rose before the dawn and cried;
for by Your word my hope is stirred.
148 I wake throughout the hours of night
to meditate upon Your word.

149 In mercy listen to my voice;
in judgment, LORD, my life renew.
150 Those plotting ill draw ever near,
far from Your law their way pursue.
151 But You, O LORD, are ever near,
and true are all of Your commands.
152 Your testimonies make me sure
that what You say forever stands.

153 Regard my grief and rescue me,
for I Your law do not forget.
154 Defend my cause and me redeem;
Your promise keep; revive me yet.
155 Salvation’s far from wicked men;
Your statutes they’ll not try to see.
156 How many are Your mercies, LORD!
In judgments just give life to me.

157 My persecutors many are,
Your testimonies I’ll not spurn.
158 I saw the faithless and was grieved,
for to Your word they won’t return.
159 Behold how I Your precepts love!
In mercy, LORD, give life to me.
160 The sum of all Your words is truth;
Your judgments stand eternally.

161 The princes causelessly pursue;
but words from You my heart reveres.
162 I at Your promise joy as one
for whom abundant spoil appears.
163 I falsehood hate and lies abhor;
but in Your law is my delight.
164 I praise You seven times a day
because Your judgments are all right.

165 Great peace have those who love Your law;
for them there is no stumbling block.
166 I hope for Your salvation, LORD,
and I in Your commandments walk.
167 My soul Your testimonies keeps
and deeply loves; my heart obeys
168 Your precepts, testimonies all,
because before You are my ways.

169 Before You let my cry come near,
O LORD; true to Your word, teach me.
170 Before You let my pleading come;
true to Your promise rescue me.
171 My lips are breaking forth in praise;
teach me Your statutes to confess.
172 My tongue gives answer to Your word,
for Your commands are righteousness.

173 Be ready with Your hand to help,
because Your precepts are my choice.
174 I long for Your salvation, LORD,
and ever in Your law rejoice.
175 My soul shall live with praise to You;
my need for help Your judgments met.
176 A straying sheep, Your servant seek,
for Your commands I ne’er forget.

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