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Psalm 19.1  The spacious heav’ns declare
the glory of our God;
the firmament displays
his handiwork abroad;
2 Day unto day doth utter speech,
and night to night doth knowledge teach.

3 Aloud they do not speak;
they utter forth no word,
nor into language break;
their voice is never heard;
4 yet through the world their line extends,
their words to earth’s remotest ends.

In heav’n He set a tent
a dwelling for the sun,
5 which as a mighty man
delights his course to run.
He, bridegroom-like in his array,
comes from his chamber, bringing day.

6 His daily going forth
is from the end of heaven;
the firmament to him
is for his circuit giv’n;
and everywhere from end to end,
His radiant heat he doth extend.

7 Jehovah’s perfect law
restores the soul again;
His testimony sure
gives wisdom unto men;
8 The precepts of the LORD are right,
and fill the heart with great delight.

The LORD’s command is pure,
enlightening the eyes;
9 Jehovah’s fear is clean,
more lasting than the skies.
The judgments of the LORD express
His truth and perfect righteousness.

10 They’re more to be desired
than stores of finest gold;
than honey from the comb
more sweetness far they hold.
11 With warnings they thy servant guard;
in keeping them is great reward.

12 His errors who can know?
Cleanse me from hidden stain.
13 Keep me from willful sins,
nor let them o’er me reign.
And then I upright shall appear
and be from great transgression clear.

14 Let all the words I speak
and all the thoughts within
come up before Thy sight
and Thine approval win.
O Thou Jehovah, unto me
my rock and my Redeemer be. 

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