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terms, not on ours. This is in itself evidence of God’s mercy; he didn’t have to condescend to communicate with us yet he has. We, mere creatures, are made in his image and are able to commune with him! Extraordinary! God can communicate with us and he has communicated with us. If he hadn’t done so we would be groping around in the dark with no sure word from God. Thankfully he has given us his words whereby we can know how to glorify and enjoy him forever! Read more »

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During our recent book-table outreach there were a lot of interesting conversations. We are thankful for each and every opportunity to speak with people whether it was just a passing comment or a 30-minute intense dialog. To give you a taste of what it’s like, below are a few sample conversations. Read more »

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We urge you to seek the only one who can provide forgiveness, hope, and the truth; indeed only the Lord Jesus Christ can give your soul rest and fulfill the promise of eternal life (Matthew 11.29). All other paths ignore the true nature of the questions or they lead you away from the one path that leads to the one Savior. Read more »

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We implore you to seek for truth where it can be found — the Bible. It alone is true because it alone is authored by God himself; everything and everyone else will pass away but the word of the Lord stands forever. The Bible was written that you may know the truth, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and have eternal life (John 20.31; Luke 1.3-4). Read more »

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We beseech you to turn to the Christ Who Saves; only he can satisfy your thirst and give you rest. That is “good news” indeed! Read more »

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About three times a day my three year-old daughter asks, “Papa, listen lamp to my feet?” She is referring to an album we recently acquired. The group is called Adam’s Road and we have their 2009 album titled Band of Prophets. Read more »

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