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We exhort you to hope in the LORD and in his Christ who was crucified for our sins and raised for our salvation (Acts 4.26; Romans 4.25); realize you are a sinner with no hope (Ephesians 2.12); confess your sins and inability to satisfy God’s requirements (Galatians 2.16); by faith have the blood of Christ cover your sins (Ephesians 2.13). God cannot fail — he is the sure basis for a lasting hope. Read more »

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I firmly support the Honor Code’s requirement of “modesty.” I look forward to the day when it will be more widely practiced out of true faith in the risen, victorious, merciful, gracious Savior. May men and women look to the Word (the Bible) inspired by the Spirit and live by it through faith. Read more »

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There is good reason why some hymns become “timeless”: they capture profound biblical truth and communicate it in a way that reaches the heart. Among the top tier of hymns written in the last 200 years is (in my humble estimation!) Not What My Hands Have Done by Horatio Bonar. Read more »

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I am grateful for Mrs. Sameulson’s article in the Winter 2011 BYU Magazine because it highlights the difference between Mormonism and biblical Christianity. Read more »

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Won’t you receive Jesus Christ today and rest from your futile labors, labors that are getting you no closer to him? Has God mercifully convinced you of your sin and misery? Has he graciously enlightened your mind in the knowledge of Christ? Has he powerfully renewed your will thereby persuading and enabling you to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered to you in the Gospel? Believe on him — his perfect life and victorious death — because nothing else will satisfy the thirst of your soul. Read more »

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